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Boxing circuit workout

20 Oct


Boss got you pissed? Home life got you stressed? Dead end job made you hopeless? Strap on some gloves and project those worries onto a punching bag.  This workout is very simple, but very methodical.  It’s goal is to create a strenuous condition under which various strength and cardiac conditioning exercises will be performed.  To start up first do the following warm up.

Row 500 meters and then do 20-25 push ups.  Repeat this 3 times.

Afterwords stretch out your hips, legs and upper body.  I recommend practicing yoga at home once or twice a week to learn various stretches.

The workout consists of 5 rounds in which 4 exercises will be performed for 90 seconds. So after performing the fourth exercise, deadlifts, you will have done one round.

1. Jump rope

2. Overhead squats with 80lbs

3. Punching bag practice

4. 135lbs deadlifts

Scale the weight to your appropriate level of fitness. Yes, this workout is fairly advance because it requires prior knowledge of all the exercised performed.  As I continue to write this blog, I will include guidelines on doing these exercises, but for now go on youtube.com and view exercise demonstrations.